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Bicycle Workshop – Extensively equipped with passionate, experienced mechanics.
Catering for the experienced as well as the inexperienced cyclist, capable of repairing, or building any make, model and type of cycle. Committed to servicing & repairs, of the highest standard, we love to exceed our customer's expectations. Parts fitted only as required, as much advice and assistance as you require for maximum peace of mind.We have one of the best-equipped workshops in any bike shop, most repairs can be catered for, any type of cycle.

Frame building and repairs.
In addition to our extensively equipped bike workshop, we also have a frame building/repair workshop on the premises. We are capable of an extensive range of frame repairs, from a repair to a fully custom-built steel frame, we can also carry out minor repairs to aluminium and carbon fibre frames.

Frame Building
If you want or need something specific we can supply your dream frame, there are numerous benefits to a custom-built frame, although in most cases getting the correct position shouldn't be one of them.

Custom Geometry.
Custom-built frames can be divided into two categories, frames with custom geometry and fully custom built. With the likes of Van Nicholas and Enigma Titanium, it is possible to specify the frame dimensions and also certain details on the general design, this is more of a custom geometry frame, as every detail can't be specified, this approach would be best if the geometry you require is unusual or you have a specific idea of how you want your bike, once built, to look.

Fully Custom Built.
It may be that you just require something a little different, or have a dream frame in mind, or it could be that you can't find exactly what you require as an off-the-peg frame, with a Hewitt custom-built frame it is possible to specify every detail of the specification, geometry, construction and finishing.
Hewitt custom frames are fully custom-built, which means that everything can be specified. In addition to the geometry of the frame, the lugs, drop-outs, tube type & diameters, construction method and frame finish can all be specified. If you have any specific requests please let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate all your requirements.

The ordering process.
In order to set your position as accurately as possible, when visiting us for your appointment, please bring with you the shoes, pedals, shorts, jersey and saddle (if you are going to use your existing saddle) you would normally use when riding your bike. As the frame dimensions are determined by the position, we need to determine the position dimensions first, we work out the position you need using our frame fitting jig with the saddle, pedals and crank length set as they will be on the finished bike.

In the case of both custom geometry and fully custom built, we would then work from the position dimensions, add in the stem length, clamp depth and angle you would like to use, the spacing required underneath it, the saddle you are going to use, the amount of seat post you would like exposed and also the set back of the seat post. This would then enable us to determine some frame dimensions that would allow the position to be set and the aesthetics of your bike to be achieved.

With a fully custom-built frame, this is only the start of the process, you can then decide on your preferred construction method, lugged, TIG welded or fillet brazed, this may well be influenced by the type of tubing you would like the frame to be built from.

All Hewitt custom-built frames are individually hand-built at our premises in Leyland, Lancashire. In addition to our own in-house brands, we can also supply custom-built frames from Van Nicholas, Enigma & Sabbath.

There are two options here, in the case of Hewitt the frames are fully custom built, Van Nicholas, Enigma & Sabbath are more of a custom-sized frame, in the main, it is only the dimensions of the frame that can be altered, with only minor alterations to the rest of the frame.

We work on an appointment basis with regards to all bike and frame orders, please either phone 01772-424773 or email to arrange an appointment.

Frame dimensions
With every custom-built frame, the position you require on the bike needs to be determined first, from these position dimensions we can then determine some suitable frame dimensions, so that your new bike will not only fit you correctly but can also be tailored so that the bike, once built, will look as you would like it to.

Custom geometry
In the case of Van Nicholas, Enigma and Sabbath it is predominantly only the frame geometry that can be specified, depending on the manufacturer and the frame very little else can be specified, Enigma has options for the finish and the transfers, and Van Nicholas has a comprehensive range of frames and does allow certain minor details to be specified. Sabbath again is only the finish and transfers that can be altered.

Campagnolo Pro-Shop
Pro-Shop is a worldwide Campagnolo project aimed at delivering true expertise to the consumer at the point of sale.

Here at Paul Hewitt Cycles, we speak Campag, we are passionate about all things Campagnolo, from the most ultra-modern Super Record EPS (Electronic) groupsets and carbon wheelsets to the classic and very collectable "back catalogue" the Italian marque has given us.

Being a Campagnolo Pro shop requires our staff members to have completed as a minimum the Campagnolo training programme,

Pro Shop also requires us to always carry a stock of Campagnolo spare parts that represents a realistic cross-section of groupset components.

Our workshop has all the necessary tooling to deal with specific Campagnolo servicing and installation. We also have a collection of tools for the more historic groupsets, alongside many parts for servicing your cherished but discontinued Campagnolo components.

At Paul Hewitt Cycles we have a strong and fiercely passionate network of Campagnolo customers, so if you are looking for information or the latest news and products from Campagnolo or to discover Campagnolo groupsets for the first time, we are always happy to discuss and advise you.