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Paul Hewitt Cycles Fitting

Paul Hewitt Cycles Fitting

One of the Hewitt Cycles specialities, we have been providing its Bike-Fitting service since its opening in 1994. Paul Hewitt has been Bike Fitting since 1990, and the Paul Hewitt process is regarded by many to be one of the most reliable and comprehensive bikes fitting procedures. Hewitt Cycles were one of the first shops to provide this service and are still one of the very few shops that offer this service free of charge with every bike or frame purchased from Hewitt Cycles. We have offered this service from the day we opened, still do and always will, please read on.

Why do you need a bike fit?
The bike fitting process is the means of determining a comfortable and efficient position on your bicycle. We at Hewitt Cycles believe strongly that is our responsibility as the experts, to ensure that not only are we selling you the correct sized frame but also to build it so that it puts the rider in a comfortable, stable and efficient position.

Bike Fit first, then decide on frame size.
In our opinion, the only way to decide on the correct frame size is to do the Bike Fit first. This way the 3 points of contact namely, the pedals, the saddle and the handlebars. The saddle needs to be set relative to the pedals, and the handlebars, relative to the saddle, or effectively the saddle and bars relative to the bottom bracket.As the position of the salle and handlebars is dependent on the rider's proportions each person’s position is personal to them and their proportions.We have generally found the following to be the case.

Saddle Height – Dependant on Leg length
Saddle setback – Dependant on Thigh length
Bar drop – Dependant on Arm length
Reach to bars / reach to levers– Dependant on Torso length.

Without having accurate position dimensions for the saddle and the handlebars, it is impossible to decide on a frame where the position can be achieved as until the bike fit has been done the position dimensions are unknown.

Determining the frame dimensions.
Once we have completed the Bike Fit we will then be able to complete the position dimensions and the frame dimensions that allow the position to be set up.
The relevant frame dimensions are the –

Stack – A vertical dimension from the bottom bracket centre to the centre top of the head tube.

Seat Angle – The angle of the seat tube relative to the horizontal. Usually between 72 & 75 degrees.

Effective top tube – A horizontal dimension from the centre of the intersection of the head tube and the top tube to the centre of the seat tube, or seat post in the case of a sloping top tube.

These frame dimensions are unlikely to be exactly the same as an off-the-peg frame, but once they are known, it is possible to decide on which frame would be most suitable by comparing the required dimensions to the geometry of the various frame options.