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Wheel-building is the speciality of Hewitt Cycles, Paul Hewitt has over 25 years of wheel-building experience, and over the course of these 25 years has proved himself to be one of the finest wheelbuilders in the world. Hewitt Cycles can and will build all types of wheels for all purposes, from sturdy touring wheels demanded by round the world tourists. Durable, reliable and responsive wheels for the serious Audax riders, through to ultralight carbon race wheels for the mountain stages of the Tour-De-France.

With every wheel order the first place to start is deciding on a suitable specification. With touring wheels the main requirement is the reliability and durability, on the other hand the emphasis for race bike wheels is more on the responsiveness, meaning that the wheels more importantly the rims need to be as light as possible they also need to be reliable.
Therefore wheels for touring or downhill atb use would generally have heavier rims, built with more spokes as the weight of these wheels in the main, is less important, the strength is far more crucial,  the responsiveness of a touring bike or downhill atb bike is far less a priority than that of a race bike.
Racing bike wheels need to be as lively as possible, so therefore need to have rims that are as light as possible, most rims are usually made from aluminium alloys, although carbon fibre rims are becoming far more popular, these race wheels would have fewer spokes than those on touring wheels. Wheels or Audax use are somewhere in between the two, and as Audaxes can vary greatly so can the wheels required.
The type of spokes also need to be considered as they need to be tensioned to the optimum tension, so the spoke type needs to be matched to the tension it is likely going to be tensioned to on the completed wheel.
At Hewitt Cycles we will give you as much assistance as you require in order for you to purchase the ideal wheel for you.


Wheels – A Hewitt Cycles speciality  

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Hewitt Cycles have proven themselves to be one of the finest wheel-builders in the world.

From National, World & Olympic champions, top professional teams, to round the world tourists and serious

Sportive / Audax riders, always ensuring that the best wheels are supplied for the challenge ahead.


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"Indisputably the best on test" – Dan Joyce Cycling Plus Jan 2011.

Hewitt cycles have proven themselves to be one of the finest wheel-builders in the world, 

Appointed wheel builders to top professional road & ATB teams.  

Hewitt Cycles can also repair most factory built wheels, and have wheel builders approved to build and repair Shimano, Mavic & Campagnolo wheelsets.