Bike fitting


Bike fitting – What is it all about?
The bike fitting process is the procedure to determine the optimum settings for the contact points on a bicycle.
The contact points are the pedals, saddle and the handlebars, and as the positioning of these points is only two dimensional (vertical & horizontal), there are four main dimensions. 
This is not just something a serious cyclist can benefit from, all cyclists would benefit from riding in the correct position.

Bike fitting – Who can benefit from a bike fitting.
Every cyclist that hasn't had it done could benefit, most of our clients are amazed at the difference and wish they had had their position optimised sooner . If your position is set up correctly, the benefits can be considerable, improved power output, improved comfort, no aches & pains, better balance etc. If your position is not optimised, then you are making things awkward for yourself, potentially causing injury and resulting in your cycling not being as enjoyable as it should be.

Bike fitting – Do I need it?
How would you know if your position could be improved? Unless you have been properly fitted to your bike it is almost certain that you could benefit. If you have any of the following ailments, pins & needles in your hands or feet, aches & pains in your back, shoulders, arms or knees. Or it may be that you just don’t feel comfortable on your bike, you might think that you saddle doesn’t feel in quite the right position, all of these issues could be alleviated by correcting your cycling position.

Bike fitting – The procedure.
Initially the saddle needs to be set in the correct position relative to the pedals, the bars can then be set so that all the hand positions are useable, comfortable and have a purpose.
This is best done on some form of jig, which allows the saddle and handlebars to be moved up & down and forwards and rearwards, without being restricted by frame or stem etc.

Bike fitting – Suitable frame size.
Ideally the position dimensions should be determined first, suitable frame dimensions are then based on these.
The frame dimensions should allow the correct position (which should already have been determined) to be achieved when your bike is being built.
If the correct position dimensions are set, then an off the peg frame should be just as comfortable and as efficient as a custom built frame.    

Bike fitting - How do I arrange a bike fitting session and how much does it cost?
Our bike fitting sessions are arranged on an appointment basis, they can be arranged either by phone on 01772-424773, or by emailing our bike fitting charges can be found here.

Hewitt custom built bikes – Precisely fitted, Precisely built.


From the novice to the experienced cyclist, we guarantee to provide the cycle that meets your requirements.

Do you know exactly what you require in a bike and need a shop that understands these needs, and can fulfil your requirements?
Do you know what you want the bike for but are maybe not aware of the current range of equipment available, or what size frame or bike you need and are aware, or unaware of the importance of ensuring it fits correctly.

Hewitt Cycles specialize in this area, from the initial fitting, frame choice (custom or off the peg), deciding on the bicycle specification, through to the building, by experienced mechanics to ensure a bike built by Hewitt Cycles will be the best you are likely to buy.

We try our best to be helpful and not too technical or eliteist with the novice cyclist, but we are more than capable of supplying bikes for the most demanding and knowledgeable customer..

We have proved, by various, magazine tests, assisting World, Olympic & National champions, professional riders, our own discerning customers, and various other means, to be regarded as one of the leading custom builders of all types of bicycles and wheels.

The difference at Hewitt Cycles
Unless you have ridden a bike that fits correctly you will generally assume that the aches and pains you get when riding your bike are to be expected when cycling.
  • Pains in your hands, arm or shoulders?
  • Aches or pains in your knees or feet?
  • You may also find that your cycling partners find it much easier to climb hills or go faster on a level road than you are able to do, you may think that you are not as fit as they are.
  • Do you find that on your current bike you are constantly shuffling about on your saddle.
Most if not all of the above can be caused by a poorly fitting bike, at Hewitt cycles we are aware of this and feel it is essential to ensure any bike we sell is correctly fitted to cyclist that is going to use it. For bike fitting options please click here.
Bike Fitting Charges click here

Fitting options
For a custom built bike using an off the peg frame click here.
For a custom built bike using a custom built frame click here.
For a custom built bike built using an existing frame click here.
For a custom built bike using a new frame and some, or all of the existing parts click here.
To improve the fit of your existing bike click here.

Whichever of the above choices suits you, we will guarantee your bike purchased from Hewitt Cycles will be one of the most comfortable you have ever ridden.

To arrange an appointment for bike fitting, or to order a bike or frame from Hewitt Cycles, either email or phone 01772-424773.