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Every bike supplied by Hewitt Cycles is essentially a custom built bike, tailored specifically for each individual customer, We build each bike we sell so that it is exactly the size and specification you need, nothing more, nothing less. To arrange an appointment please either phone 01772-424773 or email on info@hewittcycles.co.uk

Initial discussion – Making sure your bike is suitable – for you!
We would initially discuss your intended use for the bike, to ensure that you are purchasing the right style of bike, the bike you purchase should allow you comfortably to do what want it to do initially, but should also be set up, if possible with the future in mind. Whether you are new to cycling or a professional, we feel confident we can accomodate your requirements. 

Fitting – Making sure it will be comfortable - for you!
Making sure that your bike is going to fit you correctly is crucial if you are going to enjoy riding it. Most shops don’t even mention the fitting, usually most talk about a certain bike being your size, the size of frame or bike doesn’t make the bike fit you correctly. It is the contact points that determine how comfortable your bike is going to be, the saddle needs to be positioned correctly relative to the pedals and the handlebars need to then be positioned in the optimum position relative to the saddle. Fitting is free if a bike ordered at the same time, click here for fitting charges. If you cannot visit or shop in Leyland click here for other bike fitting options.

Off the peg or custom built? We can supply either.
A suitable frame is one that allows the correct riding position to be set. Until you know where the saddle and bars need to be you can’t be certain of what frame is going to be suitable. In most cases the frame does not need to be custom built, it just needs to be of suitable dimensions, in order for saddle and handlebars to be positioned correctly. This can usually be achieved using a standard frame, although if you want or need a custom built frame we can build it see here for more details.

We can either build a bike with every item and detail specified, or we can alter a standard bike to a position and specification to suit you and your intended use. We can discuss this specification in as much detail you like.

Building – Precisely fitted, precisely built.
Once we have determined the position, suitable frame and frame dimensions and also the specification of your bike, we then source frame & all the components, once we are in a position to build you bike we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient collection / delivery date. We will then build your bike and set the position so that your bike is ready for you to enjoy from the first ride.