The Hewitt Aravis is a hugely impressive fast audax bike that doubles up as a fine winter machine – and we would even feel at home hammering around a road race circuit on it. Christmas Aravis – Cycling Plus ..
Paul, Finally found time! I had the Yukon custom-built by Hewitts 5 years ago. I wanted a dedicated Audax bike which would not be too heavy with mudguards and a pannier rack fitted. As I am 6’10” tall it needed to be something special… Going the Titanium route was an easy choice, as Paul had previously supplied me with an excellent MTB from the same supplier. I was also confident that the bike would fit: Paul set his jig to my dimensions (including a 40” inside leg!), and his calculations dictated that the frame geometry would have to be a combination of angles. As it would ..
Hewitt testimonial Just bought my second Hewitt custom built bike, a tourer. Paul is obviously very experienced and gives balanced advice and clear guidance. He deals with professional cyclists as well as relative novices (that’s me). He will try his best to obtain any product for you to meet your requirements. Paul is attentive to customer needs, approachable and easy to deal with. The final product is first class. I have no regrets and had no snags; notwithstanding the after sales service is excellent. The mechanics, who I was allowed to observe and ask questions of, as my tourer was ..
Having ridden the Trek last month, I thought things couldn’t get much better for the cycle tourist, but I was wrong. The Hewitt Cheviot comes in a hundred quid cheaper is absolutely beautifully finished – welding and paintwork impeccable – and doesn’t fall down anywhere. 2002 – Cycling Plus – Cheviot ..
Hi Paul,   just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all the time you spent with me today, sorting my bike fit. You are a true professional and it shone through today. I knew I was in good hands when I saw the shirt from Wiggo on the wall, thanking you for the wheels! It was a real education watching you work and I learned a great deal about how to set a bike up. I really appreciate the fact you spent two hours sorting me out and not once did I feel rushed- even when the next bike fit customer turned up. I will let you know how I get on Paul- many thanks once again. I am l..
Testimonial following a bike-fit with Paul Hewitt April 2013. I just wanted to express my gratitude to Paul for his bike-fit service earlier this month. I have shamefully always considered that I was a cyclist who could set-up his own bike geometry and I did not believe that someone with a few equations could tell me otherwise. Well, Paul doesn't need equations and he showed me the errors of my ways. He spent 2 hours with me and showed the patience of a saint as he continuously made adjustments to my riding position and shoe cleat position using his jig at the Leyland shop. Using hi..
"I am very pleased with my hewitt alpine ultegra t. on the return home from my holiday, i had a 75 mile run on the sunday & have not altered any of the setup of the bike so you have a walking, talking & cycling advert in the west of scotland. I would like to say thanks very much for the service & the quality of the bike, you have one very pleased customer." Cambell Crombie ..
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