The super neat beautifully finished frame (Hewitt Cheviot SE) impressed even the hard to please Mr Vincent. 2003 – Cycling Plus – Cheviot SE. ..
Having ridden the Trek last month, I thought things couldn’t get much better for the cycle tourist, but I was wrong. The Hewitt Cheviot comes in a hundred quid cheaper is absolutely beautifully finished – welding and paintwork impeccable – and doesn’t fall down anywhere. 2002 – Cycling Plus – Cheviot ..
I'm only a novice cyclist and for that reason i've never thought that i would need or benefit from having a bike fit, how wrong was i??? After buying my road bike from what i would now call a local bike supermarket! to which it would be unfair of me to mention the name this particular store. I've had nothing but trouble with pins and needles in my hands and feet, been very uncomfortable in the saddle, i felt like i was always playing catch up when out with friends and so on and that bike shop could not solve my problem, in actual fact i would say they were clueless. So i googled 'bi..
Testimonial following a bike-fit with Paul Hewitt April 2013. I just wanted to express my gratitude to Paul for his bike-fit service earlier this month. I have shamefully always considered that I was a cyclist who could set-up his own bike geometry and I did not believe that someone with a few equations could tell me otherwise. Well, Paul doesn't need equations and he showed me the errors of my ways. He spent 2 hours with me and showed the patience of a saint as he continuously made adjustments to my riding position and shoe cleat position using his jig at the Leyland shop. Using hi..
Hewitt testimonial Just bought my second Hewitt custom built bike, a tourer. Paul is obviously very experienced and gives balanced advice and clear guidance. He deals with professional cyclists as well as relative novices (that’s me). He will try his best to obtain any product for you to meet your requirements. Paul is attentive to customer needs, approachable and easy to deal with. The final product is first class. I have no regrets and had no snags; notwithstanding the after sales service is excellent. The mechanics, who I was allowed to observe and ask questions of, as my tourer was ..
TO my shame and regret, despite being a serious cyclist for 15 years and competing properly for a half dozen, I had never got around to undergoing a proper bike fit until a friend recounted his experience with Paul Hewitt and spoke glowingly of the impact it had made on his riding. Tempted also by the reasonable price - about the same as a racing tub - I travelled to Leyland to have road and TT bikes fitted and found it an interesting process. Paul regales you with as much, or as little, information as you need as he walks and talks you through the process of fitting, using the..
I have had my Hewitt Chiltern now for a month and have covered 300 miles. I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with it. The bike has been flawless and the expert fitting you gave me ensured that I’m supremely comfortable on the bike. The Chiltern is my first road bike having commuted on various hybrids for over 10 years. I had been wanting to take the leap to a road bike for a number of years. However, I only have room for one bike where I live and need it to for fill a number of rolls. I still needed a bike that I could commute on, that could take a pannier, mud guards etc but also i..
Paul I visited your shop on 17th December for a bike fitting. I am a novice cyclist having purchased a Trek Alpha 2.1 in July from a shop in my home town. After various visits and change of stem and various saddle adjustments (plus additional costs) the bike did not feel right and after increasing my distance I was starting to get some niggling pains. My cycling colleague recommended you and the rest is history. I was hugely impressed with the depth of knowledge and attention to detail that you demonstrated and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your servi..
We’re impressed with how well the Hewitt Cheviot 26" is put together. Stable under load, it offers everything you’d hope for in terms of handling while those cross levers are a welcome touch for day-to-day riding. 2005 – Cycling Plus – Cheviot 26″ ..
In usual Hewitt style, the Hewitt Cheviot 26" meticulous attention to detail, Reynold’s 631 tubeset and quality wheelbuild shone through. 2006 – Cycling Plus – Bike of the Year (Silver) ..
Paul, I have been riding the new bike I collected on Saturday, and it is fantastic. It's the best bike I have ever ridden, and just a pleasure to get on the saddle and ride. I am very very pleased with it. Thank you for putting together such a great bike. Best regards Will. Will Treasure   ..
Dear Paul and all at Hewitt Cycles,   It's been some time since I purchased an Alpine frame and forks from your shop, but I just wanted to to write to say how happy and satisfied I am with my new bike now that I have finally assembled it.   I bought the frame last year after visiting your shop to get it measured and it took ages to get the parts together and get the bike finished but as you can see from the photo's I think it looks absolutely stunning. I had it painted in dark green metalic with Hewitt and World Champion decals adorning the frame and have tried to ..
The Hewitt Cheviot SE was my bike of choice for several Sustrans rides. where it was equally at home carving descents in the Pennines as it was cruising down unpaved bicycle paths. 2007 – Cycling Plus Awards – Cheviot SE & Aravis SL ..
A grand day out, a test on four triathlon bikes on a budget of £1000.00. . 1998 Triathlete Review ..
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