Nick Williamson - Hewitt Fiera

When it came to buying a new bike, I had no hesitation in coming to Hewitt Cycles. Previous experience meant that I knew that I would have a bike that fitted and would be well and truly up to all the demands I would place on it. On coming down to Leyland, Paul and I discussed what sort of riding I would be doing and what my preferences were. I ride quite a few of the hillier sportives every year, interspersed with an annual trip to France and the occasional multi day event like the Raid Pyrenean. It was decided that ‘Columbus Life’ tubing offered the best compromise between ride characteristics and durability. After this I spent some time on the jig, so Paul could assess my measurements and ideal position on the bike. As most of the groupset and other components were being transferred from my old frame, the process was somewhat simplified. From previous experience, I know that Paul never does a hard sell and will often suggest less expensive components if he feels that they are up to the job.

When I finally saw my bike I was thrilled. The paintwork was immaculate and the frame looked balanced and made me want to get on it right away.

I am now in my third year of ownership of the bike and It always feels ‘right’ when I get on it. I’ve probably ridden 12,000 miles or so since I got it (it’s been my summer bike), and I have ridden a lot of events including the Dragon Ride, Le Terrier and the Etape du Dales. Latterly I have usually managed to get in the top 20% of finishers and I attribute much of this to the fact that I have remained comfortable throughout the ride. I will shortly be riding the Raid Alpine and am confident that it will be the perfect tool for the job. The bike still looks smart and the paintwork has stood up well to the worst that the Cumbrian weather and roads can throw at it. I will probably have the frame resprayed in the next year or two and can see the frame seeing me through till I am too old to do it justice.

I can’t fault the service and quality of workmanship that I’ve had from Hewitt Cycles and take great delight in having a frame that is British built and unique in a way that a mass produced carbon frame could never be.

All the best,

Nick Williamson