Graham Gordon - Hewitt Alpine


A bit of a long overdue thanks to you both. I ordered a custom Alpine
frame from you back in June 2008 after dropping in for a fitting
en-route to Scotland from Bristol. Given that I'm 5'10" but with a 34"
inside leg, I've always had a daft drop from saddle to bars on frames I
was told were my size. It's been a total revelation having a bike that
fits perfectly and eats up the miles without any issues. It didn't get a
huge amount of use in the first couple of years for various reasons but
it's now been truly tested doing:
- Mont Ventoux (stripped down without 'guards and rack!);
- Two week 'taster' tour in France towing a trailer full of camping kit;
- Various audaxes and saddlebag tours;
- A few time trials;
- Commuting;
- My first SR series; and more recently
- Paris Brest Paris.

Cracking. Actually, the reason it didn't get ridden much in that second
year I had it was because I was riding the mark 2 fixed version you did
for me in 2009.

I've since used the fitting information to get my two other off-the-peg
bikes to fit properly. They don't look so good with either a large stack
of spacers (tourer) or a +17 degree stem (race bike), but they work just