William, Herts - Hewitt Chiltern

I have had my Hewitt Chiltern now for a month and have covered 300 miles. I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with it. The bike has been flawless and the expert fitting you gave me ensured that I’m supremely comfortable on the bike.

The Chiltern is my first road bike having commuted on various hybrids for over 10 years. I had been wanting to take the leap to a road bike for a number of years. However, I only have room for one bike where I live and need it to for fill a number of rolls. I still needed a bike that I could commute on, that could take a pannier, mud guards etc but also ideally one that would feel sporty and fast for weekend rides and that would be comfortable enough for long distance rides. This led me to the Audax or light touring genre of bikes. They seemed like they’d fit the brief! I’m also quite tall and have longer legs than body and realised that I’d benefit from a fitting. The fact that  Hewitt cycles offered a fitting and had an excellent range of frames led me to phone them to book an appointment.

Paul and his colleagues were instantly very helpful. They took the time to find out what I wanted and were always happy to give very helpful advice along the way. As it was my first road bike purchase this was much appreciated and very refreshing. Some bike shops I’d approached were very elitist and didn’t seem interested in dealing with someone ‘new’ to road cycling. Hewitt cycles clearly had top end bikes and wheels and serious expertise, but it was refreshing that they were patient with a newcomer and never once made me feel stupid, even if I asked very basic questions!

Before ordering I had a fitting session on the jig at Paul Hewitt Cycles. Once we were both happy with my position Paul suggested frames where my position on the jig could be replicated. We also chose the components for the build-up. Although I had some of my own ideas it was great to guided by Paul. This was invaluable for me as although I had read lots of reviews etc I had no real life experience, guidance over the choice of wheels was particularly appreciated.

3 weeks passed whilst the components were ordered and the bike was built up and before long it was time to collect the bike. I was given the opportunity to take it out for a spin so any problems could be ironed out, but there were none and the bike felt instantly comfortable. Having not ridden a drop handle bar bike before I was surprised how comfortable I felt on the drops. The bike is actually more comfortable to ride than my old hybrid and much much faster! I think the comfort is down to the a combination of the fit, the 25mm tyres and the smooth steel frame. It really does fit my needs from the loaded commute to the speedy ride at the weekend. Although I went for sturdy 36 spoke wheels I am particularly thrilled with wheels and I think they really do make a huge difference to the speed and feel of the riding experience.

I’m sure the bike will serve me well in the future and I’m already planning some big challenges on it.

Thanks again for all your help, support and an excellent bike.

Best wishes,

William, Herts.