Will Dakin - Hewitt Alpine

Dear Paul and all at Hewitt Cycles,
It's been some time since I purchased an Alpine frame and forks from your shop, but I just wanted to to write to say how happy and satisfied I am with my new bike now that I have finally assembled it.
I bought the frame last year after visiting your shop to get it measured and it took ages to get the parts together and get the bike finished but as you can see from the photo's I think it looks absolutely stunning. I had it painted in dark green metalic with Hewitt and World Champion decals adorning the frame and have tried to get a traditional British Touring bike to look slightly more modern. I hope I have done your excellent heritage justice!
But that's only half of the story. It rides and handles like no other bike I've owned. Cornering is an absolute joy - honestly it really does bring a smile to my face when I get the chance to go out on a tour. It's simply brilliant.
Thank you again and best wishes to you all for the future.
One very happy cyclist,
Will Dakin