Matt Pilkington - Hewitt Bike Fitting

            A few years ago before going to Hewitt’s to get a new bike I had decided that a bike fit was in order to get the correct position as I had simply grown out of my old frame and the measurements from 2 years before surely had to be out.

            I found a local place to where I was currently living using a fancy Retul system to measure and fit riders to bikes, whilst the system couldn’t be faulted it highlighted to me that a bike fit is about more than just the tools used to make the measurements. In this instant despite very obvious flaws with my bike fit, such as my knees hitting the handlebars the fitter was convinced that because the position matched up with the average angles around the hip of 95% of the people to have used the system, it must be the right one. I rode my bike home, and changed it back so that I could actually ride.

            Once I had decided to get my bike through Paul, he got me in for a bike fit. Paul gets you on his bike fitting adjustable jig, stands back and makes the necessary changes. He spends the time checking each measurement going from making sure the saddle has the right height and set back and moving to get your arms in the right place. This involves finding the perfect fit for the tops, on the hoods and in the drops of the bars. A lot of care is spent getting the fit right, and Paul gives his full attention to you during the process.

            A couple of years later I wanted to check my position for the next seasons race bike as again its quite a while and body’s change, so I went back to Hewitt's. The same care and attention was taken and I had been having trouble with my left cleat, this too was taken care off and Paul was able to dial in the cleat and watch the tracking of my knees and heal to make sure everything was as it should be

            The main point is that overly expensive and technical fittings can of course be good, and theres no doubt they would be better to measure to within half a millimeter as opposed to the nearest millimeter. But my experience shows its ultimately down to the person doing the fitting and their ability to set a bike up to fit the riders needs and wants, it should be a totally individual thing and not getting people to conform to given averages.