Kinesis Bikes is a British company, whose range consists of, Cyclo-cross, road, Audax/winter, and mountain bike frames and complete bikes. Here at Paul Hewitt Cycles we find their products innovative, well designed, of high quality and particularly well finished.

Hewitt Cycles have been a Kinesis Bikes dealer for a number of years, and found their products a little different. Kinesis have created their own niche range of products that a lot of larger manufacturers don’t cater for. Kinesis Bikes “Decade” range of bikes, take their niche approach to another level, with a range of frames that can be easily adapted for a multitude of uses. 

"A select group of home-grown bike brands exist which have developed a formidable reputation among cyclists in the know. Kinesis UK is one of them". RCUK Road Cycling UK

"We have been designing frames in the UK for over a Decade [read more of our history here, and the ‘Kinesis UK’ name has come to stand for quality, detailing, affordability and above all superb ride quality and fit.
The riders are really the ones that have built the Kinesis brand in the UK. The Kinesis rider is the enthusiast, who won’t settle for an ‘off the peg’ bike, they know the thrill of riding a bike that they have chosen every component for and the feeling of the first ride on a machine that they have built themselves.
Many of our customers don’t stop at one Kinesis bike, after the first they are hooked and often build 2 or 3 bikes around our framesets.
Thanks for making our UK brand what it is today, I’m proud of what it’s become."

Dom Mason.
 Kinesis UK | Designer.

Kinesis Racelight.
The 'Racelight' name has come to stand for quality, attention to detail, dependability, superb ride characteristics and unbeatable value for money.
There are now 8 frames in the Kinesis road range, catering for the racer, distance rider, sportive addict, TT enthusiast, all year mileage muncher, pro commuter and carefree tourer.

Kinesis Decade.
These are frame sets that are not easy to define or fit into a certain genre, they can be built in a number of different ways to suit your needs and modified as those needs change. We designed this frame range to mark our Tenth year of UK frame design, the response to the new models was so good that we have kept DECADE running and plan to add to it in the near future.
DECADE stands for Innovation. Adaptability. Detailing. Quality. Affordability.
Virsa: The ‘Swopout’ system allows this unique, Tange Prestige MTB to be run with gears or as Single Speed.
Convert2:‘Swopout’ dropouts mean this can easily be run as a stripped down fixie or with gears and full winter kit
Tripster: Primarily a fast, precise commuter, but designed to be used in many different guises and wheel sizes.

Kinesis Crosslight.
Kinesis Crosslight frames are part of the UK Cyclocross scene. Attention to detail, high quality, constant updating and technical excellence have made them the frameset of choice for competitive riders, for over 10 years.
There are 4 frames in the Crosslight range. A pure race carbon monocoque speed machine, a competition proven racer, a versatile all rounder and modern, disc ready, race frameset.

Kinesis Maxlight.
The first Maxlight hard-tail was designed back in 2000. It used a high quality Easton tubeset and the geometry excelled on the tight, fast, flowing singletrack that we loved to ride.
There are now 5 Maxlight frames in the range, they cater for the pure racer, the endurance rider, the singletrack blazer, the all terrain hard hitter and the weekend trail rider. There is an award winning, Female Fit model too.
Our Maxlight frames have one trait in common, an almost 'Sixth Sense' when it comes to threading through trees, linking turns, flicking through dips and crests and carrying you home rewarded with a big muddy grin.

Paired with their superb fork range and carefully selected bike kits, there is a Kinesis Racelight, Crosslight, Maxlight or Decade waiting to be built, that is right up your street!
Hewitt Cycles can supply complete Kinesis bikes supplied as a kit from Kinesis, or use a frame from the Kinesis range and build a bike exactly to your preferred specification.
Hewitt Cycles can supply Kinesis bikes or Kinesis frames and tailor the bike to suit you, every bike supplied by Hewitt Cycles includes a free bike fitting to ensure correct frame size and that the finished bike fits you exactly as it should.

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Kinesis Dropout 5

Kinesis Dropout 5

Dropout to fit Racelight KR-810 Carbon...

£13.99 £15.99 Ex VAT: £11.66

Kinesis Crosslight V2 Frame

Kinesis Crosslight V2 Frame

This adaptable rim brake cross bike will take you from local league races to touring round the woods..

£279.99 Ex VAT: £233.33

Kinesis Racelight Granfondo TI Disc Brake Frameset

Kinesis Racelight Granfondo TI Disc Brake Frameset

The new titanium disc frame ready to take you the distance FEATURES AEROgrade brushed Ti3..

£1,999.99 Ex VAT: £1,666.66

Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 - fender mount

Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 - fender mount

Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 - fender mount..

£1.99 Ex VAT: £1.66

Kinesis  Racelight Granfondo V3 Frameset - Titanium

Kinesis Racelight Granfondo V3 Frameset - Titanium

The super-versatile, all year titanium mile eater. FEATURES AEROgrade brushed Ti3AL/2.5V frame ..

£1,749.99 Ex VAT: £1,458.33

Kinesis Crosslight V3 rear hub bearing Enduro 17287 (pair)

Kinesis Crosslight V3 rear hub bearing Enduro 17287 (pair)

Kinesis Crosslight V3 rear hub bearing Enduro 17287 (pair) Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter x Dept..

£24.99 Ex VAT: £20.83

Kinesis Racelight T3 Frame

Kinesis Racelight T3 Frame

Our classic winter training frame, re-imagined to be better than ever. FEATURES Weve made..

£269.99 Ex VAT: £224.99

Kinesis 5T Disc Brake Frameset

Kinesis 5T Disc Brake Frameset

Crosslight 5T is the most adaptable frame in the Kinesis UK range and it is now available in disc br..

£499.99 Ex VAT: £416.66

Kinesis Carbon Di2 Seatpost 31.6x400mm

Kinesis Carbon Di2 Seatpost 31.6x400mm

FEATURES. Micro-adjust allows accurate saddle positioning. This Kinesis seatpost is gradua..

£74.99 Ex VAT: £62.49

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