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Hewitt Cycles provide both custom built bikes on either off the peg frames, or on custom built frames. Whichever route you decide to go down your bike will be fitted to suit you, the rider.

Position & frame dimensions: 
Before each frame can be built the frame dimensions need to be determined, we will give you as much help and assistance as you need to finalize these.The position dimensions can be determined in a number of ways, click here for more information on Hewitt bike fitting

Frame dimensions
Once the position dimensions have been determined, it is then possible to work out some suitable frame dimensions that will allow your position to be achieved, although we are also happy to work to some pre-determined frame dimensions if you know what dimensions you require.click here for more information on the various bike fitting options.

Hewitt Custom & Off-the-peg frames & bikes.
We have a range of our own Hewitt branded frames, some off the peg, some custom built, we can also supply custom built bikes, using frames from a range of other top quality frame manufacturers.

Hewitt custom frames.

All Hewitt custom built frames are individually hand-built at our premises in Leyland, Lancashire, UK. These are all individually designed and built, as such the options are endless, in some cases it may just be the basics that are specified, in other cases the most finite details are specified by the customer.

Design: As each frame is individually built, the design specification can be varied as you require, the options are endless, some are functional, some decorative, everyone has their own different requirements to personalize their frame. The tubing type & diameters can be specified, as can the construction method, TIG welding, brazed with lugs or fillet brazed are all possible.
Initially we would have a general discussion with regards to the intended use of the frame, to ensure it will fulfil all its requirements both now and in the future. Rohloff hubs, and disc brakes can be catered for and S&S couplings can be fitted if required.

Hewitt off the peg frames. 
In addition to our fully custom built frames, we also have our own range of off the peg frames. These include our award winning Cheviot & Cheviot SE frames, we also have four Audax / Training frames, the Chiltern, the Aravis, Aravis SL and the Carbon Audax, there is also a fixed gear commuter style frame and a aluminium track frame. Our Cheviot was introduced in 2003 and subsequently won the Cycling Plus Touring  Bike of the year award and also the British Bicycle Award. The Cheviot SE was introduced the year after and again won the Cycling Plus Touring Bike of the year award. Since then the Cheviot & Cheviot SE have become regarded as two of the best touring bikes available, almost all the benefits of custom built at off the peg prices.
Hewitt custom built bikes.
Whether the frame is custom built or not, the fitting of the bike can, and should be correct. There is no reason why a custom built bike on an off the peg frame, if done correctly, should be any less comfortable than one built using a custom built frame. Pictured right is our Cheviot SE touring bike, one of our most popular bikes, also one of the best touring bikes available. Whilst the frame is an off the peg frame, pretty much everything else could be altered, making this almost a fully custom built bike at an off the peg price. 
Our current custom built frame range consists of the following:  
Race frames.
Fiera – 100% steel frame
Fiera S – Steel with carbon fibre seat stays.
Fiera CS – Steel with carbon fibre seat & chainstays.
Audax frame.

Touring frames.
Grampian Rohloff
Track frame

Our current range of off the peg frames are as follows:
Chiltern - 631/525 Reynolds steel
Aravis - 7005 Aluminium
Aravis SL - A6N Aluminium
Carbon Audax - Carbon to suit 28mm tyres.
Cheviot - 631/525 Reynolds steel
Cheviot SE - Reynolds 725 steel
Alu-Piste - A6N aluminium
Fixed Gear Road
Single Speed