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Hewitt Cheviot

The Hewitt cheviot, our ever popular touring cycle, built as you require, British Bicycle touring bike of the year and Cycling Plus Magazines touring bike of the year.

Available now in 5 sizes and 2 colours, specification of the Cheviot bike can be varied as you require and the price adjusted accordingly.

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Hewitt Cheviot SE.

Our Hewitt Cheviot SE, one of the most popular touring bikes on the market today. Top quality specification, featuring Shimano Deore XT hubs and gears. Cycling Plus touring bike of the year award winner.

Available in any plain colour finish at no extra cost, specification can be varied as you require, with the price being adjusted accordingly.

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Hewitt Cheviot SE Rohloff.

This is an adapted version of our Cheviot SE touring bike. Rather than retrofitting the Rohloff with the clips, the Rohloff fittings have been brazed to the frame prior to the enamelling, this is a more cost effective option than a full custom built Grampian frame.

It is also possible for the bike to be changed back to derailleur gears in the future if required.

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Hewitt Grampian.

The Hewitt Grampian is our fully custom built touring bike, the frame is fully custom built, lugged or TIG welded, brazed on fittings as required.

We will provide as much help as you require in order to provide your perfect touring machine.

If its possible we will build it, from the position, frame dimensions, frame finish, and every detail of the specification, anything can be specified.

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Grampian Rohloff.

As with the Grampian above, the Grampian Rohloff is again fully custom built to utilise the Rohloff Speedhub 14 speed hub gear. The rest of the specification can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

There is a full range of finishes available and as much assistance as you require, so we can supply a Rohloff hub touring cycle that is going to give years of reliable service.

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Hewitt Alpine Audax cycle.

Our most popular custom built frame, a lighter livelier version of the Grampian, can be built with a range of high grade steel tubings.

Usually built to suit the longer reach 57mm drop brakes so 28mm tyres and mudguards can be accomodated, with or without carrier eyes.

The handling and the comfort can be tweeked to suit your own personal preferences.

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The Hewitt Chiltern is our Reynolds steel off-the-peg Audax frame, this can be built as you require. Available now in 5 sizes.

The frame is built using a combination of Renolds 631 air hardeniing tubes for the main triangle, and Reynolds 525 for the rear triangle and forks.

The Chiltern is built to suit 28 mm tyres with mudguard clearance, and has all the braze-ons you are likely to require.

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Carbon Audax

The Hewitt Carbon Audax is a bike that covers a wide range of uses, the frame is a carbon fibre monocoque construction with clearance for 28mm tyres and mudguards. It also has eyes for a carrier to be fitted.

It almost has the performance of a race bike with the versatility of an Audax bike.

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Aravis SL

The Hewitt Aravis SL is an aluminium version of the Hewitt Carbon Audax. It is built using the ultralight A6N aluminium for a lively responsive ride, but a cost well below that of the Cabon Audax.

It is suitable for 28 mm tyres and mudguards and can be finished in a range of colours.

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Fiera, Fiera S & Fiera SC.

The Fiera is our Hewitt race bike range, the Fiera is 100% steel, the Fiera S has carbon seat-stays and the Fiera SC has a full carbon rear triangle.

The Fiera range can be built from a full range of quality steel tubing, and constructed as you require, TIG welded, lugged or fillet brazed.

The geometry and the finish can also be tailored to your own requirements.

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All Hewitt tandems are all custom built, but can be built to any required specification.

The choices can range from a race specification through to a full touring specification or anything between.

The dimensions, tubing and specifications can all be determined by the customer.

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Single Speed