Hewitt Alpine Audax cycle

Hewitt Alpine

The Hewitt Alpine is our custom built Audax / Light Touring frameset.

Recently awarded by Road CC website,

Winner - Touring / Audax Bike of the Year
Joint Winner -Frameset of the Year
3rd Place - 2014 / 2015 Bike of the Year

Being custom built the choices are endless, we can either work to one of our standard well proven formats, with just the frame dimensions being customised, or we can build a fully custom frameset.

A fully custom built Hewitt Alpine frameset gives you total choice on not only the frame dimensions and tubing type, but gives you total choice of frame constrction (TIG welding, Lugged or Lugless fillet brazed), brazed on fittings, lug type etc, etc.

Frame design – Frame dimensions.

Whilst the Hewitt Alpine is our designated custom Touring / Light Touring frameset, the benefit of the custom built aspect is that each Hewitt Alpine can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

As with all bikes supplied by Hewitt cycles a full fitting procedure is offered free of charge.

With a custom built frame, the frame dimensions can then be altered so that the bike not only fits correctly, as all Hewitt bikes do, but also the proportions of the bike when it is built can be exactly as you would like it to be. 

Frame design – Fittings & General design.

As each Hewitt Alpine is designed to suit each individual purchaser, the use, and consequently the design of the frame can vary as each customer requires.

Tyre Clearance - The tyre clearances can be set to suit 23mm tyres, mudguards and short reach (39mm -49mm) brakes or up to 28mm tyres, clearance for mudguards and long drop (47mm-57mm) brakes. If the frame is to be used predominantly as a winter / Audax bike then possibly the short reach brake option may be more suitable, if there is a possibility that the Alpine may also be used for light touring then the larger clearance, long drop brake option may be better. If in doubt the more clearance, longer drop brake option gives more options.

Brazed on fittings can be added as you require, if in doubt, braze ons are best added in case they are required, it is possible although a little expensive to add these at a later date as the frame will need re-enamelling.

Suggested standard braze ons. Each of these could be omitted or altered as you require.

  • Threaded double down tube gear cable stops -fitted under the down tube near the head tube, offset at 4 o’clock & 8 o’clock, on the lighter better quality tubes these are on plate to dissipate the stresses.
  • Brake cable stops - (2) fitted under the top tube offset to the LHS.
  • Resin under bottom bracket cable guide - bolted to the underside of the bottom bracket.
  • Mudguard eyes - fitted to the front and rear dropouts.
  • 2 sets of bottle bosses -fitted to the seat tube & down tube.
  • Integral rear mudguard fittings - to allow direct fitment of mudguards to the brake & chain-stay bridges.
  • Rear derailleur gear cable stop - fitted on the underside of the right hand chain-stay.
  • Carrier eyes on seat-stays - these could be either externally mounted (easier to mount carrier), or set in to the seat stay (less obtrusive). We would usually fit an extra set of eyes to the dropouts or base of the seat-stays if carrier eyes are to the seat-stays.

Other braze on fittings.

  • Braze on front derailleur boss. Whilst we can fit a front derailleur boss (so that the band round the seat tube isn’t required), the fitting of this reduces the flexibility to position the front derailleur, so if there is a possibility different size chain-rings may be fitted at some point then a band fitting front derailleur may be the better option.
  • Low-rider carrier bosses fitted to the forks. These are required in most cases if a low-rider front carrier is to be fitted. These low-rider bosses can only be fitted to steel forks, they cannot be added to carbon or aluminium forks, although some carbon & aluminium forks may have these already fitted.
  • 3rd set of bottle bosses. Fitted to the underside of the down tube, near the bottom bracket shell. This set of bottle bosses would generally be used for a fuel carrying bottle, rather than a drinking bottle. More used for longer distance touring frames.

Additional choices.

  • Sloping or Traditional level top tube -The Alpine top tube could either be sloping or level, whichever you prefer. A sloping top tube would make the frame marginally more rigid and a fraction lighter, although in our opinion the aesthetics and the improved comfort are the more noticeable benefits.
  • Tube diameters – The diameter of the top tube, down tube and seat tube can be chosen. We would normally suggest tubing diameters to optimise the ride quality of your Hewitt Alpine, however you may prefer a more responsive frame or a more compliant, comfortable frame, or it may be that you have particular aesthetic requirements.  
  • Head tube – This could either be integrated or non-integrated. The non integrated headset would generally be 1 1/8” non-integrated which is a standard one type fits all. Integrated headsets have a few variations which need to be specified at the time of ordering, other patterns of headset bearings could not be fitted.
  • Stainless steel dropouts – These are fitted to the Hewitt Alpine frames built with the premium tube sets, although they can be specified on every frame set. We would generally use a vertical style dropout although other dropouts could be chosen.
  • Construction – As most modern steel tubes are designed to be TIG welded, we would use normally use this method of construction. We could however fillet braze or use lugs as a method of construction, although in some cases this may reduce the choice of suitable tube types.
  • Dropout width – As standard we would set this at 130mm, this is suitable for all non-disc road hubs, this could be set at 135mm to suit an ATB style rear hub or if required set at 132.5mm so that either hub could be used with minimal inconvenience.
  • Seat Post diameter – This would be dependant on the seat tube diameter, the seat tube would need to be a 34.9 O/D if a 31.6mm seat is required.
  • S & S Couplings – S & S couplings can be fitted on request, these precisely machined couplings allow the frame to be split into two separate parts, making your bike far easier to pack up for travelling. The rigidity of the frame is unaffected and minimal weight is added. 


Whilst the price includes a full choice of single colour finish, a comprehensive range of finishes are available, please see our colour chart for all the options. Multiple colours, panels, chevron panels can all be chosen.

In addition to the frame colour, we offer options on the frame transfers, choices are our standard silver, black or white block transfers, the same colours are available in outline style, or try and accommodate your own preferences.

Chroming & Polishing.

We offer an option to have the stainless steel components of your frame brushed or polished, please ask for a quote on your specific requirements.

Whilst tube manufacturers or ourselves would not recommend chrome plating, we could arrange to have parts of your frame chrome plated please ask for quote with your specific requirements.  

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