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Perfect for cold winter rides in the ASSOS temperature range "winterPlus". The fuguBootie replaces its successor - the winterPlus Overshoes.

The fuguBootie is best used in combination with the new tights LL.fugu, fuguJacket, new fuguGlove, new fuguCap or fuguHelm and, of course, new fuguSocks. The perfect outfit for extremely cold riding conditions.

This new, next generation of ASSOSoires_S7 booties is built using the same, newly developed pattern de- sign chassis featuring the minimum number of seams necessary, providing a snug, low-volume con- touring fit. Toe and heel feature extra reinforcement against abrasion, and the reflective zippers are placed slightly asymmetrically towards the outside, to ensure increased comfort and water protection. All the s7 booties feature the same (but different versions of) custom-made, water-repellant airBlock strataGon fabric, each calibrated to best suit its climaRange purpose.

All the s7 booties are built with low volume and light weight in mind, providing a snug, racingCut fit. Knowing this, please exercise caution when putting them on. S7 booties are beautifully crafted, full of details to provide you with a worry-free, totally comfortable winter ride in style, perfectly matching your entire ASSOS outfit.


46%PA, 28%PU, 13%EA, 11%PP, 2%LASTOL

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Assos Fugubootie S7 Overshoes

  • Brand: Assos
  • Product Code: Overshoe
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