Bike Fitting Options

The position dimension settings can be determined in a number of ways, they are as follows.

  • In our shop using our frame fitting jig and years of experience.
  • Copying your existing position, so your new bike feels as your current bike does.
  • Using dimensions determined by another bike fitting system,
  • Using certain body dimensions to work out a suitable position.
  • obtain a frame in the size you would like and leave the seat post fully extended and plenty of spacing under the stem you require, so you can set the position up yourself. 
  • Please note - Whilst we would reccommend building your bike set to some pre-determined positional dimensions, we are happy to build your bike as you require.

From these position dimensions it is possible determine some frame dimensions that would allow you to set them correctly, these frame dimensions can then be compared to dimensions of the frames you are considering, it is at this point that a decision can be made as to how suitable the frame is, if the frame is going to be unsuitable, then we would also know at this point.

Once a suitable frame has been decided on then it would just be case of setting up the position correctly as the bike is being built.

If you need any more information on our bike fitting procedure, please either email or phone us on 01772-424773. 

Bike Fitting Options once your position has been determined.

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For a custom built bike using a custom built frame - click here.

For a custom built bike built using an existing frame - click here.

For a custom built bike using a new frame and some, or all of the existing parts - click here.

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